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    Valet Life is more than a valet refuse and recycling removal company, we are the key to providing quality amenities to your residents, ensuring that your properties remain tidy and free of debris. Our company has discovered what tenants and property managers alike desire where trash is concerned. The resident wants the convenience of not lugging their garbage down a flight of stairs to a smelly dumpster to be rid of it. Property managers want dumpster areas that are clear of debris, tidy and ultimately, and ultimately, happy paying tenants! Our team of trained individuals will ensure that both residents and management are satisfied!

Valet life is also committed to helping our environment stay healthy and clean. That is why we not only provide an excellent recycling service, we strive to educate management and residents on the proper ways to dispose of their recyclable materials. We also offer a special insurance assurance guarantee with our recycling services....we are so dedicated to excellence in service, that we offer management the assurance that our staff will carefully sort the recycled materials that come from their property to remove any contaminants that would cause management to be fined! Fees for contamination can be hefty and to avoid those fees, we make sure your recyclable trash is contaminant free-EVERY TIME!

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Recycling Experts

Your DFW licensed recycling experts are equipped to pick-up and properly dispose of your tenant's recyclable materials.

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